Where to purchase mosaics

By 14 September 2019Magazine, Mosaics
where to purchase mosaics

In the field of high-quality products and luxury goods, only few can compete against Fantini Mosaici | Marmi, an Italian company that is very competitive abroad and on the global market.

If you are wondering where to purchase mosaics, the Fantini Mosaici | Marmi group has been exporting the Italian excellence and transforming its intuitions into decorative and figurative motifs for over a century.

Tile after tile, the brand creates exclusive surfaces and exquisite artistic mosaics, depending on the customers’ requests, with techniques inherited from Italy’s great tradition.

With their experience, technique and mastery, our teams of craftsmen are bringing the thousand-year-old mosaic art to the entire world by giving birth to exclusive creations in luxurious hotels, prestigious residences, luxury retail stores, showrooms and majestic public buildings.

Many locations that are very different from each other and are found at all latitudes have Fantini Mosaici | Marmi’s elegant touch in common, from the flooring of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, to the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, to the façade of the St. Paul Catholic Student Center in Wisconsin, to the Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, to Palazzo Versace Hotel & Condominium in Dubai, to Casa Casuarina in Miami Beach.

The mosaic is one of the most ancient decorating techniques. Starting from the thousand-year-old tradition of mosaic art, the prestigious company Fantini Mosaici | Marmi has evolved, expanded and modernised itself in order to keep up with technological innovation, by combining its know-how and the artisanal tradition with cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art machinery and sophisticated systems for creating more and more complex projects.

The Fantini Mosaici | Marmi group is by now a robust international institution based in Milan, Abu Dhabi, Miami and Newport Beach.

Where to purchase mosaics

If you wish to buy simple mosaic tiles for the bathroom or other rooms of the house, you can just go to any retail store specialised in floorings and claddings or any shop that sells building materials. You can also purchase mosaic tiles online from e-commerce websites.

If you need more than a simple set of tiles or more than an industrial, poor-quality product, and you wish to have a true multi-coloured mosaic in your property, along with a specially-made project that takes into account your personal needs and requests, you can rely on Fantini Mosaici | Marmi, a historical company specialised in creating mosaics from various materials including marble, glass, enamel, gold and silver, nacre and shells.

Mosaic tiles, that is the pieces which it’s made of, are cut into different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. The installation is finished down to the last detail, thus guaranteeing a perfect final result and a quality that seemed to be gone with industrial mosaics and their questionable taste.

It’s possible to create mosaic claddings for indoors and outdoors from various materials.

Marble mosaic

Marble mosaics are true works of art. These compositions can be more or less elaborate and consist of different-coloured marble fragments duly cut, arranged and, sometimes, decorated with gold, crystals and precious stones. By combining a great number of small marble fragments, commonly known as tesserae, it’s possible to create suggestive geometric, decorative and figurative motifs.

Cobblestone mosaic

By using river and stream cobblestones smoothed by the water, with a pleasingly flawed spherical shape, it’s possible to create elegant, decorous and well-finished outdoor floorings. With the ancient cobblestone paving technique you will be able to decorate courtyards, ramps, driveways and vehicle entrances. An outdoor flooring made with the cobblestone paving technique is durable and weatherproof, it’s easy to maintain and manage, and it guarantees proper drainage and excellent rainfall permeability. The installation consists in inserting the cobblestones one by one into a base made of a soft material, usually mortar, topsoil or concrete.

The Fantini Mosaici | Marmi group uses natural cobbles collected from riverbeds and coloured stones from marble cutting.

Glass mosaic

Glass offers a suggestive refraction of light and a wide selection of colours. Glass mosaics are widely used for the inner cladding of pools, ornamental tanks, spas, wellness centres and wall decorations. Glass includes enamels, glass pastes, which have peculiar shades, and metal foil enamels.

Stone mosaic

Mosaic works made of stones, rocks and sandstone slabs are usually created for courtyards, squares, gardens, boulevards and roads. By combining stones that have different shapes and thickness, it’s possible to create geometric patterns or even true artistic motifs.

Would you like to have a mosaic flooring or wall, or mosaic details at home, in your office or shop? Click here to contact the Fantini Mosaici | Marmi group. We are fully available for satisfying any need and providing all of the technical information that you will need depending on the designated use of the room to decorate. We will guide you step by step through the choice of the solution and the products that best suit your needs.