What is honed marble: definition, diamond honing, maintenance and more

By 23 September 2018Magazine, Marbles
what is honed marble

What is honed marble? Keep on reading!

What is honed marble: definition

In honed marble, the surface of the stone has been ground to a smooth, flat, consistent surface. The perfectly honed finishing gives a matte appearance, less glossy but more natural and soft to the eye and to the touch. It has depended on the rubbing of silicon carbide and diamond particles that eliminate all scores and deep soil on the stone.

Honed marble and diamond honing

The “smoothing” of the marble is able to bring the stone back to the original shine, regardless of the type and laying techniques used.

Today, a common technique is diamond honing. The mechanical contribution has come to the aid of ancient techniques, so that the traditional method has given way to simpler, immediate and safe methods.
Modern “polisher machines” consist of machines made of thin-grain diamond discs, which move at high speed.

Honed marble: why is so elegant?

Why is honed marble so elegant?
This type of marble, one of the most prestigious on the market, has got a velvety texture and extremely refined matte sections. 
It’s much more scratch resistant than polished marble and is therefore suitable to be installed on frequently used surfaces.

Halls, living rooms, bathrooms, but also kitchen countertops or dining tables.
Honed marble for these rooms is a safe choice.


black honed marble dining table

An example of black honed marble for the dining table (Fantini Mosaici | Marmi).


honed marble exclusive private residence

Marble and mosaic luxury floors in an exclusive private residence in Miami (Fantini Mosaici | Marmi).


honed polished marble versace

A marble and mosaic luxury floor in a living room (Fantini Mosaici | Marmi).


The countless shades of marble make honing a true art. According to this technique, the material is honed on a smooth, flat and homogeneous surface. In the case of granite and marble, their typical excessive shininess is reduced with honing. The result is a sober and elegant matte surface, without glares, reliefs nor protrusions.

A real honed marble is matte

A real honed marble is matte. For this reason, maintenance is important. Ok, it doesn’t require any particular maintenance treatment but there are some tips. Paying attention on a daily basis is enough (avoid staining the marble with food or beverages). In any case, we suggest using specific detergents (don’t use ordinary soap) and cleaning the surface thoroughly before applying sealing products if necessary.

white honed marble living room

Extremely elegant white marble for the living room (Fantini Mosaici | Marmi).


honed marble hallway

A honed marble hallway (Fantini Mosaici | Marmi).


decorated marble floor

A decorated marble floor for a private residence in Bellagio (Fantini Mosaici | Marmi).


Finally, it should be noted that the honing process is important as it contributes to protecting the surface. This technique removes indeed the top layer consisting of worn-out material, as well as deep scratches and old waxes applied, if any.