Types of granite: characteristics, uses and benefits

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type of granite

With its brightness, its technical and structural features and its decorative appearance, granite is a widely used material in the modern construction industry.

Especially because of their extraordinary resistance, the various types of granite were already widely used by the greatest civilizations in history, starting from the ancient Egyptians who used it to build temples and obelisks.

Let’s get to know this versatile, functional and stunning material better.

What is granite?

Granites are intrusive igneous rocks that mainly consist of minerals, including:

  • quartz;
  • orthoclase;
  • micas;
  • albite;
  • anorthite;
  • corundum;
  • hypersthene;
  • magnetite;
  • ilmenite;
  • apatite.

The colour of granite depends on the minerals it is made of.

Granite is formed after the magma intruded between 1.5 and 50 kilometres deep cools down.

What is the difference between marble and granite?

Granite is one of the most abundant rocks on the Earth’s surface, and mainly consists of quartz, while marble is made of calcium carbonate. Marble is born in the sea, while granite is born inside the Earth’s crust, it’s of volcanic origin and it mainly consists of silicates.

Aesthetically speaking, granite has got a granular texture, as the name suggests, while the paste of marble is mostly consistent. Granite contains hard materials and is therefore generally more sturdy and solid than marble, and offers greater resistance to wear and bending. Granite is usually less prone to break or to get ruined or scratched, and it maintains its shiny surface longer.

Granite doesn’t require as much attention as marble for the cleaning. The only thing you should pay attention to is contact with oily substances, as oil tends to deposit in the numerous empty spaces corresponding to the granules in its mixture, thus staining the surface.


Types of granite

Dorato Valmalenco Granite


granite dorato example

example granite dorato


Dorato Valmalenco Granite is a metamorphic rock with well-defined foliation layers in a planar and sub-parallel arrangement. It has got a sober, elegant grey and brown colour, embellished by charming silver reflections and a fine grain size, light grey in colour with golden tinges. Thanks to chlorite, the quartz crystals and the light-coloured mica, Dorato Valmalenco Granite has got a unique veined appearance.

Sardinian White Granite

Sardinian White Granite is very much appreciated and well-known in Italy. It’s a natural white stone with a solid texture, and it’s native to Sardinia. It’s extremely resistant and its medium-sized grain blends from grey to black on a white background. Sardinian White Granite can be used for both the indoors and the outdoors, and is especially recommended for stairs and staircases.

Rosa Beta Granite


granite rosa sardo

granite rosa


Rosa Beta Granite, also known as Sardinian Pink Granite, is one of the most sought-after types of granites. It has got a uniform and consistent texture, it comes from Sardinian quarries and is usually extracted in large quantities. This fine granite is mainly grey with pinkish tinges, small spots and white areas on the surface.

It’s a very valuable granite variety. It’s extremely resistant, durable and almost waterproof, and is widely used in the construction industry for indoor and outdoor floorings, steps, window sills and door thresholds.

Giallo Veneziano Granite

Giallo Veneziano Granite is particularly resistant to wear, compression and bending, and is suitable for indoor floorings and claddings. It easily adapts to any kind of processing and is widely used both in the construction industry and for furniture.

Pietra del Cardoso

Quarried from the Apuan Alps, in the municipality of Stazzema, in the province of Lucca, the Pietra del Cardoso is a uniform and resistant rock, and it has got a distinctive dark ash colour with elegant, slightly lighter tinges.

Cristal White Granite

Cristal White Granite is a light-coloured stone with marked dots and a very fine white, grey and black grain. This granite variety is suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Bengal Black Granite

Bengal Black Granite is a black rock with a medium-fine grain and greenish-white veins. Native to India, Bengal Black Granite has got a consistent texture and a light grain that mixes dark grey, white and black. The result is uniform and very sophisticated.

Emerald Pearl Granite

Emerald Pearl Granite is native to Northern Europe, and its colour intensity and grain structure vary depending on the quarry it’s extracted from. It’s suitable for both the indoors and the outdoors.

Ivory Brown Granite

Ivory Brown Granite is a natural stone native to India and it has got an elegant cream and hazelnut background. It’s suitable for floorings and claddings both indoors and outdoors.

Tan Brown Granite

Perfect for all uses, both indoors and outdoors, Tan Brown Granite is an Indian brown and black-coloured stone with a fine grain, elegant silvery dots and black intrusions.

Rosso Santiago Granite

Rosso Santiago Granite, an elegant stone native to Argentina, has got a distinctive bright red grain with beige and black intrusions.

Angola Silver Granite

Native to Angola, the elegant Angola Silver Granite has got a fine grain and a very regular structure, with a black background embellished by small silver-coloured crystals. It’s suitable for decorating both indoor and outdoor locations, and is one of the hardest and most resistant granite varieties.

San Francisco Green Granite

Perfect for the construction industry, for floorings and claddings, San Francisco Green Granite is a green stone native to Brazil, and is suitable to be installed both indoors and outdoors.

African Red Granite

African Red Granite is native to South Africa, and is characterised by a bright ruby red that alternates with black.


Amazonite belongs to feldspars, and is an elegant granite native to Brazil. It’s characterised by a large grain size and a unique colour, which varies from blue to light green.

Andromeda Granite

Andromeda Granite, also known as River White Granite, is native to Sri Lanka, and is a beautiful fine-grained granite with an ivory-white background, burgundy dots and green and grey intrusions.

Alaska White Granite

Alaska White is a medium-grained granite with a white background and tinges that vary from light brown to a more intense brown, embellished by beige feldspars. Native to Brazil, this granite is perfect for decorating both indoor and outdoor locations with elegance.

Bellini Granite

Bellini is a medium-grained Brazilian granite which boasts a peculiar colour, an elegant mixture of white, brown and burgundy.

Arezzo Granite

Native to Brazil, Arezzo is a brown granite rich in charming veinings.


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