The best marble applications: the creations by Fantini Mosaici | Marmi

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Marble applications are countless.
Floors, boiseries, façades and claddings of any kind: marble can lend elegance and refinement to any location.

Discover this noble natural stone through the most beautiful Fantini Mosaici | Marmi creations, symbol of the “Made in Italy” industry at international level.
Here below is a huge selection:

marble applications prada

Fondazione Prada (Milan)


marble details

Details: the materials (marble, bronze, basalt) – Fondazione Prada


marble applications: honed marble in palazzo versace

Honed marble – Palazzo Versace


honed marble: living area

A living area


marble mosaic application in private residence

A marble and mosaic floor – Private residence


black marble bathroom private residence

A black marble bathroom – Private residence


dining table black marble

A black marble dining table


Marble slabs for the bathroom

Marble slabs for the bathroom


marble slab applications: private residence with spa

Marble slab applications – Private residence with a spa


marble: Hallway

Honed marble – Hallway


white marble applications

A marble floor with mosaic decoration


With a very wide and complete selection of materials, the products by Fantini Mosaici | Marmi are used with excellent results in many areas, not only in the field of furniture and decorative applications, but also within the construction industry and other sectors.

Marble applications in the construction industry

It’s possible to bring together “Made in Italy” handicraft and the demand of the industrial production system. The natural stone industry tradition has an ancient origin and the possible uses of marble in the construction industry are numerous and varied. Let’s find out the main marble applications in this sector.


By mixing marble dust and grit with resin or cement you will obtain marble resin and marble cement, respectively, environmentally-friendly mixtures that can be used to create tiles, blocks to cut and process, and other objects. By using conglomerates it is indeed possible to make very large volumes of customised materials. The possibility to produce large quantities of material makes conglomerates greatly appreciated products in the construction industry.

Decorated objects and tiles

Fantini Mosaici | Marmi has succeeded in lending international standing to decorated objects and tiles, evergreen items that defy time with their refinement.

Prefabricated buildings and street furniture

By using marble grit it’s possible to obtain creations that combine the functionality, firmness and sturdiness typical of prefabricated buildings with a highly impacting aesthetic result. Marble is widely used in the prefabrication industry to add a dash of refinement to reinforced concrete frameworks. From sandblasted to polished marble, the designs, creations and processing techniques developed by Fantini Mosaici | Marmi respond to any market demand.

Marmorino Veneziano for the indoors and outdoors

The pigmentation with white and coloured marble dust and micro grains is spectacular and guarantees a good aesthetic result, elegant finishes, durability, robustness and weather resistance.

Putty and adhesives

With marble dust and micronized calcium carbonate it’s possible to make:
– putty for painted surfaces, such as canvases, boards and frescos;
– adhesives;
– masonry paint pigments.

By using the raw materials in the right proportions you will reach an optimal level of cohesion between the junctions and limit the risk of future cracking and alterations.


In the field of plastics, one of the products that are most appropriate for optimising the features of polymeric materials is micronized calcium carbonate, that is characterised by a selected superfine granularity. It’s an extremely fine marble dust obtained from the crushing of natural limestone and it’s ideal for making white compounds while limiting the use of titanium dioxide.

The art of gardening

Its aesthetic impact and practicality make marble granulate an essential element for the art of gardening. The wide variety of available materials and granularities allows garden designers to make ad hoc pairings that add value to their creations.

Other fields in which marble is used are:
– the glass industry;
– sandblasting;
– floral decorations;
– agriculture (marble is found in fertilizers and used as filler, acidity regulator and for absorbing polluting substances);
– the ceramic industry;
– toothpaste;
– cosmetics and household cleaning products.

Marble use and applications: furniture and design

With its veins, countless shades, shininess and amazing aesthetic effect, marble, emblem of luxury and elegance, charms architects and designers. This material is moulded into refined furniture and sculptural projects, and, thanks to the latest processing techniques, it’s enriched with details of rare beauty.

A synonym for luxury, splendour and sophistication, marble is a natural stone that is highly appreciated and widely used in the furniture industry and can embellish any location.

The most traditional marble slab applications mainly concern:

– floors;
– indoor and outdoor staircases;
– indoor and outdoor claddings;
– kitchen work tables;
– bathroom surfaces;
– shower trays;
– tables;
– various items such as vases, chimneys, fountains and garden furnishing accessories.

This fine material stands out for its low refractive index that lends brightness to the cladding when exposed to sunlight.


The so-called “terrazzo” used by Fantini Mosaici | Marmi consists of marble dust, granulate and other stones, and allows to create various types of flooring, precisely:

– Venetian flooring, known as terrazzo flooring, the oldest and most traditional technique used by Fantini Mosaici | Marmi to express its mastery and competence, featuring a mixture of glass crystals;
– classic Venetian style flooring, with motifs and decorated borders;
– decorated terrazzo with mosaic;
– terrazzo-style prefabricated panels, suitable for floors, walls and staircases, and for surface cladding, like at Hermès boutique in via Montenapoleone, a luxurious street in Milan;
– terrazzo flooring with marble inserts.

Mosaic flooring

The mosaic flooring technique first appeared and mainly developed in Venice. The first written rules for its proper realisation, which consists in placing different-sized and different-coloured roughly cube-shaped tesserae side by side, date back to 1586.

Fantini Mosaici | Marmi’s long tradition in mosaic art allows the company to create a unique selection of artistic mosaics with inimitable designs and artisanal manufacture, including:

– marble mosaics, hand-cut into different sizes and with different finishes for indoor and outdoor surfaces;

– glass mosaics, available in a wide range of colours, suitable for swimming pools and claddings;

– gold mosaics, to enhance the details of indoor and outdoor structures, such as the charming domes of the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, in the Emirates;

– Enamel mosaics, mainly used for artistic mosaics and works of art in churches in which specific images are portrayed;

– Venetian mosaic and Palladian flooring, in which the small mosaic fragments are cut into irregular shapes.


It’s a true marble mania, with manufacturing processes that combine handicraft tradition with the latest technologies. Thanks to a productive cooperation between creative handicraft, technology and industrial method, it’s possible nowadays to create stunning marble effect wallpaper by duplicating the marble on the paper.

It’s also possible to print the marble on silk or cotton and apply it onto adhesive tiles to attach to the walls; or even build LED video walls in which the texture and the veins of this fine material become decorative elements.

Are you looking for ideas for terrazzo floors, marble mosaics or other marble applications?
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