Made in Italy

Fantini’s artisans’ experience in working and laying techniques result in the creation of beautiful mosaic floorings and finishes, venetian terrazzo, marble and pebblestone. Works of art in themselves and unique in their kind, they contribute to the export of Italian excellence abroad worldwide.

made in italy


Drawing on its long tradition in the art of mosaic, Fantini is able to create a diverse range of artistic mosaics that are individually unique in design and craftsmanship.

There are various types of mosaic technique:

Marble Mosaic, hand cut in different dimensions and finishes for indoor and outdoor surfaces to give unique combinations of color and shade.

Glass Mosaic, used mainly in swimming pools, but also for walls, with the advantage of offering a wide range of colors.

Gold Mosaic, used in different indoor and outdoor surfaces such as the Domes of the Presidential Palace of Abu Dhabi, usually to enhance a detail in a project.

Enamel Mosaic, used mainly for artistic mosaic where images are replicated, such as work for churches, or for example Botticelli’s Primavera

Venetian Mosaic and Palladiana, a unique and old technique that has its own charm, where small pieces of mosaic are hand cut in an irregular way. Examples of Venetian mosaic can be seen in the mosaic courtyards of most representative Milanese buildings.

Venetian Terrazzo

Using this technique, the company can create in situ different types of Venetian terrazzo floorings:

Terrazzo plain, this is the oldest and most traditional technique where Fantini’s special craftsmanship is used to create unique mixes of materials of exquisite sophistication. The Terrazzo covers a single surface over the whole floor and has not joints. This plain Terrazzo flooring, with mix of special glass crystals, can be seen at Hermes Boutique in Hermes Design District, Miami, Florida.

Classical Venetian style, one single surface with designed patterned borders as seen in the classic Rosone at Gianni Versace’s private mansions.

Patterned Terrazzo with mosaic, such as the flooring at Giardino Restaurant in Palazzo Versace Hotel, Dubai.

Pre-cast panels customized Terrazzo for floors, walls and staircases, to cover a surface, such as the staircaise in the Hermès Boutique in Montenapoleone in Milan.

Terrazzo flooring with marble inserts such as the modern design concept of Carlo Scarpa’s mosaic.

Marble and precious stones

Fantini selects its materials from the best marble and stones quarries in the world, and this way always matches its clients’ requests. From marbles to onyx the company is able to source any requirement to the highest standards.
Combining expertise and artisan traditions with state-of-art technology and machinery Fantini fully satisfies each client’s technical, quality and aesthetic expectations.
The entire project cycle from site survey, engineering, shop drawings, cutting list, marble cut to size and final installation are part of Fantini’s normal process of work.

Marble can be customized for covering flooring, walls, interior, and also exterior facades.
Fantini is able to craft a plain minimalistic concept such as the Prada Boutiques worldwide to the most intricate marble waterjet combination with insert of precious stones such as in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi.


This technique can be plain or patterned using either natural stones which have been carefully collected from rivers in Northern Italy or colored stones, made from marble cuts, as used in Palazzo Versace Entrance.

One special technique widely used by Fantini is the Acciottolato Lavato, where only smaller natural stones are used, such as the showcase Villa in Bellagio.
Another technique is Marble Pebblestone with mosaic inserts as seen in the many outdoor areas created by Fantini in Florida Mansions.