Luxury marble tiles: unmatched style and elegance

By 24 May 2019Magazine, Marbles
luxury marble tiles

With its veining, its delicate nuances and its refined shininess, marble is one of the finest materials employed in the construction industry and in the fields of art, architecture and design, for both the indoors and the outdoors. Sophisticated, durable, versatile and resistant to wear, impacts, abrasions, humidity and the weather, marble is the decorative natural stone par excellence.

Marble is formed from sedimentary rocks through a metamorphic process. The wide range of colours is given by different minerals which, by mixing together, create shadings and veins that have embellished palaces and residences of every style and period for thousands of years.

Depending on the colour, the structure and the geological features of the quarry it is extracted from, marble is classified into different categories. Let’s take a closer look at the most appreciated luxury marble tiles.

Here you can find luxury homes with marble floors: let’s be inspired.

Luxury italian marble: prestigious materials

Breccia Aurora

Perfect for creations with a classic flavour, Breccia Aurora Marble is a 100% Italian stone material. It has got a warm cream colour with brown tinges and red or orange veins, which vary depending on the quarry of origin, the area of extraction and the features of the blocks themselves. Suitable for elegant indoor locations, luxury claddings and columns, Breccia Aurora Marble conveys a classic, Mediterranean-inspired beauty.


With its grey veins, commonly known as arabesques, on a crystal white background, Arabescato Marble is one of the finest marble types. It’s quarried from the Apuan Alps in Versilia, Tuscany, and is widely used for both modern and classic design projects.


Known since ancient times, Travertine Marble is a true masterpiece of nature that lends a dash of timeless charm to interior design. There are different types of Travertine Marble:

  • Classic Travertine, an exceptional natural stone that lends elegance, charm and sophistication to the locations with its delicate cream colour;
  • Navona White Travertine, which is very valuable, it has got a light ivory colour with slightly darker veins, and it lends brightness and warmth to both modern and classic indoor locations;
  • Pink Travertine, which has got a uniform, solid light pink background with elegant tinges and veins, that have got a more intense colour and can be more or less prominent;
  • Red Travertine, a charming natural stone native to Iran. Its colour varies from deep red to pale red, and its veining ranges from cream to milk white;
  • Yellow Travertine, which has got an intense yellow colour that sometimes tends towards orange, lighter-coloured veins and tiny holes on the surface;
  • Silver Travertine, with a light grey background crossed by white veins;
  • Alabaster Travertine, which is white-coloured with very thin parallel veins that range from yellow to dark hazelnut, sometimes with silver tinges.

Botticino Sicilia

Botticino Sicilia is a fine-grained beige marble with lighter-coloured areas, touches of gold and darker veins, and it expresses a classic, exquisitely Mediterranean-inspired beauty.

Extracted from the Custonaci quarries in the province of Trapani, Botticino Sicilia, also known as Perlato Sicilia, was used for the claddings in the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican, in Milano Centrale railway station and in the Royal Palace of Caserta.

White Carrara Marble

White Carrara is the marble par excellence, and one of the best-known and appreciated luxury marble types in the world for its unmatched aesthetic, technical, structural, physical and morphological features which make it inimitable. All of the greatest sculptors measured themselves against this elegant natural stone. It is not without reason that its lighter-coloured version is called Statuary Marble. Widely used for manufacturing fine claddings for indoors and outdoors, White Carrara Marble, quarried from the marble basin located in the Apuan Alps, creates an atmosphere and lends personality, allure and elegance to any location.


Calacatta is a fine marble extracted from the basin located in the Apuan Alps. It’s a delicate fine-grained marble with an ivory-coloured background and thin grey and sand veins which make it very sophisticated.

Calacatta Gold

Calacatta Gold Marble is widely used for luxury ornamental works, and is characterised by light ivory tinges and golden veins on a crystal white background.

Candoglia Marble

Employed to build no less than Milan Cathedral, and still used for the restoration and maintenance works, the pinkish-white Candoglia Marble is one of the most peculiar and sought-after luxury marble types in the world. It’s extracted from the quarries of the same name located in the municipality of Mergozzo, in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, and it’s known since the Roman times.

Bianco Perlino

Bianco Perlino Marble, also known as Bianco Asiago since it’s quarried from the Asiago Plateau, is characterised by an ivory or milk-white background crossed by thin, parallel, grey or dark green veins.

Red Verona

Red Verona Marble is one of the most famous Italian ornamental stones in the world. It’s extracted in the province of Verona and it’s a brick-red valuable and sough-after marble with pinkish, beige and ivory tinges. It’s considered the red marble par excellence, and is often employed for chequered floorings together with Bianco Perlino Marble.

Giallo Siena

The intense yellow Giallo Siena Marble is quarried from the Sienese hills, and it has been employed to make mosaics, decorations and claddings since ancient times. Giallo Siena is a medium-grained marble enriched by a charming veining, and is very much sought-after for high-end projects in luxury residences and elegant locations.

Bianco Lasa

Bianco Lasa Marble is one of the finest luxury marble types in the world, and is characterised by a cold colour and a homogeneous and crystalline composition completely free from inclusions and colour impurities. It’s a sturdy, durable marble, and it’s also frost resistant. Not even road salt seems to corrode it.

Rosso Levanto

Rosso Levanto Marble is a type of marble quarried from the municipality of the same name in the province of La Spezia and in the bordering municipalities on the coastline. It was already used in the Etruscan and Roman times, and it’s very much sought-after for vertical claddings, columns and floorings. Rosso Levanto Marble is characterised by a dark red background crossed by white veins made of calcite and quartz fragments.

Luxury marble: other precious types

Emperador Marble

Emperador is one of the most contemporary, modern and appreciated luxury marble types, it’s extracted from Spanish quarries and it’s available in three elegant colours:

  • Emperador Dark Marble is characterised by a sophisticated dark brown colour with raven tinges and warm cream veins;
  • Emperador Light Marble, with a warm hazelnut colour;
  • Emperador Grey Marble, perfect for classic-inspired creations.

Especially if combined with lighter-coloured stone materials, Emperador Dark Marble creates stunning contrasts that bring out its attractive tinges even more.

Rosso Francia

Rosso Francia Marble is native to France and is characterised by an intense dark red background with white, grey and violet veins. It’s perfect for high-end creations, especially for classic locations with a traditional design.

Belgian Black

Belgian Black Marble is an elegant, rare and sought-after natural stone coveted by architects and designers. Its intense black background is covered in little, bright white dots that lend it an elegant and unconventional appearance.

Azul Macaubas

Azul Macaubas Marble is one of the most famous stone materials in the world, and is characterised by a colour that combines white, light blue and the deepest and most alluring shades of blue. It’s a fine, sturdy and durable marble native to Brazil, and is used for a wide range of creations, from mosaics, to decorative items, to fine floorings, to inner claddings for pools.

Moka Cream

The medium-fine-grained Moka Cream Marble (from Portugal) has got a neutral colour that can vary from light cream to cream, sometimes with elegant touches of pink. Moka Cream Marble is fine and sophisticated, and is appreciated for its versatility and its technical and aesthetic features.