An innate passion for mosaics.

Luxury, beauty and refinement. Fantini Mosaici | Marmi embellishes every setting. For over a century, the company has converted its intuitions into designs by creating unique and unrepeatable works.

private residence bellagio fantini marble mosaics flooring elegant luxury design

Knowledge of raw materials and manufacturing excellence, combined with innovation in designs and materials have made the company symbol of excellence and ambassador for Italian craftsmanship at international level, from the United States to the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Experience that leaves its mark all over the world, decorating diverse settings with luxurious mosaics, Venitian terrazzos, marble and pebblestone floors, where the common denominator is the exclusivity and singularity of each realization.

Extraordinary achievements that fulfil every customer's desires and tastes.

Planning and design

Unique in its field, Fantini company has developed an original, new method, to provide an efficient and complete project management service.

Drawing on a century’s experience and legacy in craftmanship, Fantini Group is able to master every single stage of the project, from concept to realization, supply, logistics, design, engineering and manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

The outcomes are extraordinary architectural masterpieces, thanks to a solid know-how in techniques, materials and to the use of sophisticated systems for project implementation.
Above all, Fantini’s unparalleled added value lies in the collaboration with designers and architects around the world and in the ongoing dialogue with selected customers who have become ambassadors of the company's products.

Tailor of mosaic.

The concept of handmade products is a rooted tradition at Fantini’s, as it has been handed down from one generation to the next, since 1900.

The artisans are the heart of workforce, as they keep alive the manual techniques which donate everlasting beauty to any project. Fantini’s team of artisans, in addition to being employed in the company’s workshops, travel the world to install all the items that have been produced in the Milan workshop.

Tailor-made products, that include the finest mosaics and ‘Venetian terrazzo’. Most of the design for floors, wall coverings, swimming pools and other decorations are still hand drawn and are unique, unrepeatable pieces.

This meticulous work method applies not only to the designs, in order to match clients’ desires and tastes, but also to the materials. Fantini teams search for exceptional stone quarries, often in hidden locations which are difficult to reach.

Moreover, the company uses state-of-art technology to improve the quality of its products, including the most advanced CNC Machines International, waterjet machinery for stone cutting.