The Tailoring

The Tailoring of the Mosaics

Although the concept of making products by hand is now rare in this industry, the Fantini Group has a strong craft tradition that has been handed down from one generation to another. The craftspeople form the core of the workforce, keeping alive manual techniques that give everlasting beauty to any project they are applied to.

The team of craftspeople are not only employed in the workshops, but also travel round the world to install all the elements they have produced in Milan.

The result is a tailor-made product incorporating the finest mosaic, marble and terrazzo works. Most of the group's designs for the floors, coverings, swimming pools and other decorations are still hand drawn and are unrepeatable one-offs.

This meticulous approach applies not only to the designs, which try to reflect the client's desires and tastes, but also to the materials. The Fantini Group's teams scour the globe in search of the most outstanding stone quarries, often hidden away in locations that are hard to reach.

Moreover, the company makes use of state-of-the-art technology to improve the quality of its products, including the most advanced CNC Machines International waterjet cutting systems.